Overview of Different Organizational Diagnostic Models

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ASSIGNMENT 2 ASSIGNMENT (REPORT) Introduction It is known to everyone that Microsoft has taken a huge decision and Integrated Skype into its software range. The results of this decision will be known to us in a few years. However, Microsoft is taking all the necessary steps to make the integration of Skype a successful one. Following is a report that is related to this feat achieved by Microsoft. This report will provide an overview of several OD models that are in practice, their pros and cons. Also a deeper look into the issues and problems that Skype has been facing from the outset will be analyzed. Then after all that, determining the best model that can be used for Skype, and a detailed explanation as to why the chosen model is the best one. Overview of different Organizational Diagnostic Models First of all, a short overview of a few OD models that are used in these days. LEAVITT'S MODEL In the year 1965, Leavitt designed a pretty simple OD model, which defines certain parameters within the organization, instead of the steering wheel behind the organization. These parameters are: task parameters, structure parameters, technological parameters and human variables. The task parameter means the tasks involved in providing services. The structure parameter defines the flow of work within the organization. The technological parameter includes are the necessary machines required. And the human parameter refers to people who are responsible for carrying out the tasks.

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