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Set your objective
A fundamental key to improving your ability to sell is to understand what you want to get out of it. Having concrete goals and achievable benchmarks are crucial in taking steps to improve your ability to sell. Whether you work for Alexandria Professional or work for yourself, it takes drive and inventiveness to become great at sales. When you have an understanding of your objectives as a salesperson, it is easier to track your progress and measure your improvements.
Have a willingness to learn and fail
The drive to learn is the best ability you can have. Natural abilities only get you so far in sales and the desire to improve is your greatest asset. You have to welcome challenge in order to be a great salesperson.
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By understanding the background of a company or person you are hoping to speak with, you can better structure the framework for your conversation. No two prospects are exactly the same and no two conversations are precisely alike so you must be conscious of that fact when beginning your interactions. An individually tailored interaction will lead to a higher probability of creating a positive interaction with a personal feel and concluding in a positive outcome.
How to research
It is known that you must research a prospective client, but the question is how?
Step 1 Visit Company Website
• When visiting a prospects website make note of its mission statement and vision. Try and get a feel for what this particular company stands for and what they look to achieve. Every company is different at what they want to achieve, so it is important for you to recognize that, and prove to them how YOU can help them achieve their unique goals.

• Look at basic information such as company size, locations, number of employees, typical sale size, and basic functionality of how their company operates.

• Most websites will have information you will need to know prior to contacting them. It would be frustrating for a prospect to have to answer fundamental questions that you can find out for yourself. Time is the most valuable asset to any company or individual, so it is vital to not waste their time with information
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