Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms

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School uniforms are a big situation for parents, students, and administration. Uniforms are a good idea but at the same time they do not help students with their work, or to graduate, and they are uncomfortable after a certain age. Uniforms do not help a student in class because they do not make a student smarter or more engaged. It all depends on the student’s decision if they want to try in class and if they want to be involved at school. Secondly, when it comes to graduation rates and discipline incidents, school uniforms do not play a role at all. Schools that do not require uniforms and schools that do require uniforms have similar statistics of graduating students and discipline. It really depends on the parents and the way the teacher teaches, which impacts the student’s life. In order for students to succeed in school, they need to feel comfortable so they would focus more on their work instead of their clothes. In addition, each person has a different style and uniforms do not let students express themselves. After intermediate school, students should be able to decide what to wear as long as they follow the dress code. In conclusion, school uniforms should not be required because the clothing does not help a student get better grades, or graduate, and they are uncomfortable to wear. School uniforms can not make a student smarter, or make them participate, or help them raise their test scores. When it comes to learning in class and taking notes, what really matters

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