Essay Practice Exam 1

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Choose four (4) of the following questions and answer them in short essay format. All questions are worth equal marks. (12.5 marks each)

QUESTION 1 (12.5 marks)
Discuss the key factors in the international environment that managers of emerging global organisations look to as threats to their international operations. Provide examples as appropriate.

International Environment is the management of business operations conducted in more than one country and usually outside of the organisations normal environment (out of the country).

Legal-Political Environment: Political systems the organisation may be unfamiliar with; dealing with the government. - Political stability - Quotas, tariffs and taxes - Law and
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5) Centralization & decentralization – Centralization is when the authority is located at a single point usually at the top level of the organisation and decentralization is when decision authority is pushed down to lower organisation levels. Decentralization is believed to relieve burden on top managers, make greater use of worker skills and abilities and permit rapid response to external changes.

6) Formalization – Process of creating written documents to direct and control employees. These include rule books, regulations and job descriptions. These provide the employees with descriptions of tasks, responsibilities and decision authority.

QUESTION 4 (12.5 marks)
A contingency approach to leadership seeks to explain the relationship between leadership styles and specific situations. Describe Hersey and Blanchard’s situational leadership model. Provide examples to illustrate your answer.


QUESTION 5 (12.5 marks)
Managers faced with ethical choices have a number of approaches that they may use to guide their decision making. Discuss the various approaches to ethical decision making, providing examples to help explain your answer.

Utilitarian approach is the moral behaviour of producing the greatest good for the greatest number. Decision makers are to consider the effect of all parties and select one that best gives satisfaction to the greatest number of people. Squatter homes are not abolished because the
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