Primary Concepts Of Motivation : Defining And Recognition Of Motivational Awareness

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Primary Concepts of Motivation:
Defining and Recognition of Motivational Awareness

There have been numerous books, articles and studies regarding the subject of motivation. What motivates and individual? What motivates you? A focus on benefits and rewards has been suggested to motivate as well as setting up rules and guidelines for success. What if that is not what motivates an individual? In his book Drive, Daniel H. Pink (2009) discusses a wide range of concepts and suggests that the real motivation comes from within ourselves, and by developing the individual we become happier, increase our performance and …show more content…

I enjoy the flexibility and freedom to create my own hours, work when my children are in school, and still feel like I am productive and contributing to our home. The creativity level increases because there is not the pressure of a time clock or repercussions for wanting to attend a sporting event for my children. Autonomy is further defined in chapter 4 of Drive (2009) “autonomous motivation promotes greater conceptual understanding, better grades, enhanced persistence at school and in sporting activities, high productivity, less burnout and greater levels of psychological well-being.” An effective example of this is the company Zappos. An engaging short video on the company and what they believe is the reason for their success, crediting their core values and company culture is a prime example of autonomy in the workplace. (xander9xx, 2011) Freedom, flexibility, and adding the weirdness all are basis for the success of their company. Mastery is another intrinsic motivating concept. The internal need to set and achieve a goal, to focus on a challenge that will improve you as an individual, and the desire to perform better and more effectively is a compelling part of an individual. Robbins, Judge (2016) “In general, specific goals produce a higher level of output than the generalized goal ‘do your best’.” (p.112) At the beginning of the season,

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