Project General Hospital Recruitment Strategy

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Project General Hospital Recruitment Strategy. Richardson defined recruitment as “the set of activities and processes used to legally obtain a sufficient number of qualified people at the right place and time so that the people and the organization can select each other in their own best short and long term interests” (2010, p.3). Project General hospital employs several recruitment strategies in recruiting potential employees. These recruitment strategies include posting vacancies, internal and external recruitment, recruiting firms and employment agencies, Internet and online recruiting, e-Recruiting, College recruiting, career planning workshop and job fairs. We will also examine some…show more content…
There are mid- levels, senior administrative, technical and junior executive positions that Project General hospital preferred to filled internally. Senior executive levels positions in most cases pushes the hospital to seek high-quality talent from external sources. Project General hospital utilizes both mechanisms; internal and external sources to effect recruitment at all levels (Richardson, 2012). The Recruitment process Before describing the various recruitment strategies, we will outline the various processes that Project General hospital uses in implementing a successful recruitment. These processes as outlined by (Richardson, 2012) include the following:  The hospital develops a policy on recruitment and retention and the systems that give life to the policy;  The hospital conducts a needs assessment to determine the current and future human resource requirements. For such activity to be effective, the human resource requirements for each job category and functional division of the hospital must be assessed and a priority assigned;  The hospital identifies, within and outside the organization, potential human resource pool and the likely competition for the knowledge and
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