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Analysis of a PSA The loss of a loved one is painful enough already, the fact that it was preventable can hurt the most. Has that ever crossed your mind, that it could be you? In society today, nearly 88,000 people have died due to alcohol abuse related causes annually. Based on numbers like that it is why a lot of campaigns try to create a sense of awareness by empathy and attracting one of the most important audiences like families. Advertising sometimes overwhelms the senses in its effort to deliver information. For this particular ad, the use of dark colors and the color red in the lettering help with emotion it is trying to convey. The color red for the word ‘NOT’ it is representing death that is why alcohol should not be the answer …show more content…

This ad is it to encourage our society today to have healthy alcohol consumption and to be aware of the consequence that can happen due to alcohol abuse. It can be difficult in today’s world due to so many different activities that include alcohol consumption such as ‘Happy hour’ or ‘Thirsty Thursday’ which influences drinking. Bars, restaurants and certain festivals influence heavy drinking which make it easy for people to abuse alcohol. Ad’s like these try to target them as well because of those reasons and make them aware of the consequences they could potentially be causing or encounter themselves.

Therefore, what will you do differently to avoid your family member or yourself be on the other side of the bed at a hospital due to alcohol abuse? Public awareness can only due so much to our society in sidewalks or billboards by posting these types of ads. If you are struggling with depression or stressed out in different aspects in your life, drinking alcohol will only make your depression worse and cause your antidepressant work less. So you can decide, will you or anyone close to you be part of the 88,000 dying due to alcohol

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