Psychological Model Of The Johari Window

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What is Johari Window? According to Fee (2011), the Johari Window is a psychological model developed by two American psychologist Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham in 1960’s (or 1955). The word “Johari” was combined with the first name of two psychologists. This model aims to help people understand their self-awareness and improve communications skill, as well as interpersonal relationships, team development and relationship with groups. The shape of Johari window is a two by two figure which contains four main quadrants: Open self, Blind self, Hidden self and Unknown self. Each of them represents self’s feeling and motivation. (Fee, 2011) (Warner, 2015) Four quadrants of Johari window Open self is on top left-hand corner of the window, …show more content…

Hidden self was a large quadrant since I didn’t build trust to those of my members. The unknown self is the largest, which I was lacking some self-knowledge or belief and I didn't expect what would happen in the following six days. This is the Johari window about myself after finished all seven days summer camp. My open self is the largest quadrant because they have more information to understand who am I. The blind self becomes smaller because others can give me useful feedback to change my bad habits. The hidden self becomes smaller because this summer camp let others knew my hidden skill that I could speak Putonghua. Finally, the unknown self also smaller (Meier, 2009). Became a translator of our group which I never imagined before and this experience developed a new skill for me. References Baker, B. (2012). The Johari Window: How to Build Self-Awareness & Achieve Success. Retrieved October 16, 2017,

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