Quality Management for Shell Global Corporate Card

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Executive Summary Quality Management is an important element in every organization. The objective of having quality management in an organization is to ensure products and services produced or offered by the organization are in accordance to customers’ needs and requirements. The purpose of this paper is to review and analyse the quality management for implementation of the Shell Global Corporate Card for Royal Dutch Shell (RDS). The background for the implementation of the Shell Global Corporate Card is for RDS to have a single Travel and Expense (T&E) card which enables the company to monitor the use of the card which is restricted only for business use and subject to controls designed by RDS in line with the global standard and…show more content…
Rose 2005). Its by implementing quality in every project, organizations can gain confidence and trust from its customers and stakeholders. Pillou (2004) has the following to say about quality: In practice, there are two types of quality. External quality, which corresponds to the satisfaction of clients. Achieving external quality requires providing a product or services that meet client expectations in order to establish customer loyalty and therefore improve market share. Internal quality, which corresponds to the improvement of a company's internal operation and the purpose is to spot and limit dysfunction. The beneficiaries of internal quality are the company's management and employees. Quality can be described in many ways but the key message and the intended audience is always the same, the customers and stakeholders. This is supported by Kloppenborg & Petrick (2002), in their diagram below. The Five-Stage Project Quality Process Model is explained in Table 1 below. [pic] Table 1 : Five-Stage Project Quality Process Model Source : Managing Project Quality The process includes three steps, which is Quality Planning, Quality Assurance and Quality Control. The role of each of these steps will be discussed in details later in this paper. 1. Types of Quality Certifications Generally there are many types of
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