Reflection Of Educational Philosophy And My Philosophy Of Education

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Philosophy of education was an ambiguous concept till I enrolled in the Educational Leadership doctoral program at University of North Florida, specifically, EDF 7545 Philosophy of Education course, the first philosophical course I have taken throughout my entire educational journey. The course expanded my knowledge about education and the role of educators even though it concentrated on the key issues of American education. Also, it explained different philosophical stances of philosophers who hope to reform the American educational system to support democracy.
Personally, I have questioned the term of “philosophy of education” a lot before I enrolled in the program. I kept asking does the term mean: what I believe education should be? what my belief as an educator? what do I believe it is important to teach? how I will educate students? what are the resources and the adopted instruments I am going to use in my teaching process? what subjects and skills should include in curriculum, and what students need to learn nowadays? As I moved throughout the program, I found that “ph0ilosophy of education” is a wisdom term that reflects key issues and concepts in education, usually through asking questions then searching for the different point of views and debates that can have major implications. Thus, throughout this paper, I will highlight and document my understanding of educational philosophy and the philosophical stance that influence my role and practices as an educator and
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