Relationships Between Friendliness And Hostility And Agreeableness

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In this study, we looked at the relationships between friendliness and hostility and agreeableness in college students. We hypothesized that students who were high in friendliness would also be high in agreeableness, while being low in hostility. We expected a strong correlation with agreeableness, and a slightly strong correlation with hostility. However, when looking at all three traits we found that agreeableness, while being the big umbrella it is, might not fully account for traits underneath it. As well as friendliness and hostility having a stronger negative correlation than we anticipated.

Keywords: Friendliness, Hostility, Agreeableness, Personality

Friendliness in College-age Students In this study we aimed to look at the personality trait of friendliness. Friendliness can be defined as the good nature, amiability of one’s personality. In other words: how agreeable and outgoing one is towards others. Friendliness has been found to be more prevalent in females than males (Moskowitz, 1993), and has been found to be generalized across situations. In this research we want to look at college students to see if there is any significance between friendliness and aggressiveness. To do this we have created our own friendliness scale and compared it to the Iowa State Hostility Scale (Dill, Anderson, Anderson, & Deuser, 1997) and the agreeableness items from the Ten Item Personality Inventory (TIPI) (Gosling, Augustine, Vazire, Holtzman, & Gaddis, 2011).
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