Report on Feasibility Study to Start a Restaurant in Tambaram

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REPORT ON FEASIBILITY STUDY TO START A RESTAURANT IN TAMBARAM FEASIBILITY STUDY TO START A RESTAURANT IN THAMBARAM Table of content S.NO CONTENT PAGE NO 1. I. INTRODUCTION 1 2. II. METHODOLOGY 2 3. III.ANALYSIS AND FINDINGS 3 4. III.1. FOCUS GROUP 3 5. III.2. INTERVIEW SCHEDULE 10 6. III.a.Fig. PORTER’S 5 FORCES 11 7. IV.CONCLUSION 14 8. V. WEBLIOGRAPHY 16 Chapter - I: INTRODUCTION This paper deals about the feasibility study of setting up a restaurant in Tambaram, near Chennai. Chennai is of the best cosmopolitan city. Hotel industry plays a major role in developing the city by the standard of living. Hotel industry is one of the essential industries. This industry serves the different customer in…show more content…
The food should be served within the stipulated time. Delay of service will lead to customer dissatisfaction. 2. Completeness: Whatever the customer expects should be provided to them. The varieties of dishes and the way of service which the customer expects should be provided before they ask for it. 3. Courtesy: Customers’ expectations are, they should be treated well by the service employee and the behavior of the employee should be favor to them. They expect the employee to be neat and clean in dressing and attitude. 4. Consistency: The consistent level of service is expected by almost all the customers. 5. Accessibility and Convenience: The environment should be friendly and customer should feel free to ask for the service. The hindrances to ask for the service by the customer to the service employee should be eliminated. 6. Accuracy: The customers expect the service to be perfect and spontaneous. The way of billing and the clarity should be effective. III.1.ii.PRICE: Price should be moderate with the quality of the product. Here, the value based pricing is preferred by most of the people. If the quality of the product is excellent, people never mind paying a high price for it. The pricing strategy should match with the spending power of the customer of the particular residing environment. III.1.iii.PLACE: Suppliers of the raw materials should be selected carefully. The quality of

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