Research Method

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Two techniques were used in collecting participants for the sample of the study. The first technique involved getting the approval of a Citrus Professor and administering surveys to students in their class after the lecture was completed. Before dispensing the surveys, students were instructed by the researchers to thoroughly, read over the consent form. In addition to this technique, researchers approach random students on campus and ask if they will be willing to take a short survey. The students then were briefly told about the purpose of the study, which was to see if there was a correlation between relationship satisfaction and academic performance, and then asked to read and give consent before participating.
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Asking questions about the participant’s age, gender, and ethical background, in addition to that, questions about the student’s current academic performance were asked, such as “What is your current overall GPA? “Have you been, or are you currently on the Dean’s list?” “ Have you ever been on academic probation while at Citrus?” “How many courses are you currently taking?” and “How many years have you been at Citrus College?” These questions were formulated to gauge the student’s current academic performance, which would later be used to see if there was a correlation between their academic performance and satisfaction levels. In the closing of section one, of the survey, participants were asked about their current relationship status, options included: single, committed relationship, married, or divorced. Depending on the answer to this question, participants were prompted to take either Part A, which was for subjects in a committed relationship and married or Part B for those who are currently single and divorced. In Part A1 (For Relationships/Married) of the survey, participants were given 10 questions, such as “ I still feel a strong connection with my partner” and “I have a warm and comfortable relationship with my partner”, from The Couples Satisfaction Index (CSI). They were asked to respond to these questions using 5-point Liker scale (1 = not true at all to 5 = completely true). In order to determine the level of satisfaction in the relationship, the
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