Research Methodology : Research On Research

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Research Methodology
Introduction in research is the most important section as it gives an overview of the research and the contents of the document to the readers. It should take users from their own lives to the place of the research analysis. Introduction part should give the essential information of why the research topic is important in the field. It should be concise though it does not have any word limits. In general introduction gives the review of the research. It is the best place to tell any assumptions that is there in the research if any. It should define the outline of the research and it should end with research questions which makes reader understand what exactly the research paper is going to achieve.
Literature Review:
Literature review is briefly summarizing the article which was reviewed. It is more focused on the topic of analysis and how it relates critical analysis in your research work to other research works. To start with literature review, skim the articles to get the idea of research work. Focus on introduction, conclusion and some paragraphs to gather general purpose of the article and based on that group the articles into categories For instance, group them into topics and subtopics. If exact words from the article is taken, citing that sentence with page number is essential. Also the most important part is that the articles should be relevant to the topic of research. Literature review is more about evaluating and integrating the…
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