Research in the Area of Sinuous Antennas

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We conducted a literature review as a part of our study, of recent research in the area of sinuous antennas. From the review, it is clear that sinuous antennas are very useful due to their wideband ability and dual polarized application. Hence, we can find a number of applications where these antennas are being used. Waldschmidt et al.1 have conducted a study and evaluated the use of the sinuous antenna for wideband multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) and diversity applications. They found that in addition to being extremely broadband the sinuous antennas are also very compact. In fact, they found that when placing dipoles on the same space required by the sinuous antennas, that the sinuous would reach much greater capacities for multimode-based MIMO systems. Edwards and Rebeiz2 utilized the sinuous antenna type placement on a silicon dielectric lens. The lens had a diameter of 50.8 mm necessitating a compact design. They chose the four-arm sinuous antenna configuration as an alternative to traditional log-periodic antennas, which suffer from polarization variation versus frequency and high cross-polarization levels. Their results have shown that the lens-coupled sinuous antennas do exhibit polarization stability and low cross-polarization levels over a wide band. In addition, the antenna is very efficient, radiating only 5% of its total power to its backside. A much more recent application from Suzuki et al.3, again utilizes the silicon lens-coupled sinuous antenna as a

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