Essay on Sales Force Training Enhances Commercial Consult Selling

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This literature review will examine how sales force management may work to enhance commercial consultative selling through more comprehensive training and selling skills. The overall trends in the industry are such that all of the studies thus far that will be reviewed here deal primarily with industries in which there are buyers at the corporate level who make appointments with salespeople on an intermittent basis. This allows the salesperson to fully use the consultative selling approach successfully in most cases. The problem is that not all industries lend themselves to this type of selling in which the salesperson can fully use the consultative selling process due to differences in the personality and behaviors of customers in major …show more content…

Again, the problem is that perhaps the training does not go far enough with regard to tailoring the sales presentation process to the personalities of the individual customers. In other words, based on this study and left to their own devices, salespeople simply do not implement what they have learned through their training by adapting their behaviors depending upon the circumstances associated with each new situation. Also, according to Pehlman and Kravitz, (2008), sales training programs that are overly simplistic can lead to disastrous results as well. In addition, based on the inability to use this training, salespeople may be intimidated by the sense of urgency associated with a given sales situation and may even revert to the transactional sales process in a desperate attempt to try to save the sale. Again, being able to read the customers body language and personality style and to seize opportunities to gain information from the customer by asking the right questions can allow the salesperson to begin using his consultative selling skills training effectively, even in high pressure situations. According to this study, these skills, despite the best intentions of the sales trainer, may not be used unless they are demonstrated by the manager in the field and then utilized effectively by the salesperson through the reinforcement by

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