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What it takes to be a Good Sales Rep
I chose to write about what it means to be a good sales representative. I have always wanted a career in sales and am very good at it. Since I was 21 I have been involved in some type of sales career. The most interesting of all was being a sales representative for Roadshow Marketing and traveling to different parts of the United States. Of all of the places I have traveled, Atlanta was the coolest gift mart I attended. A sales representative can make a good amount of extra money if the time and energy is available to them. I feel that I am a very good sales representative and these are some of the things that I have researched and reviewed in my business.
A sales representative is first and
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It is very frustrating for a company to be forced to ask regularly its sales representatives for reports. Very few give reports by themselves let alone every review the reports in a manner of detail. Most sales representatives have a very bad reporting. Therefore, a representative that gives regular and complete reports without being asked is very much appreciated. Reporting can be a determining factor in the long run in the relationship between a company and its sales representative. Any company will prefer a representative that gives regular reports. A sales representative that reports brings less revenue but that gives better reporting can in certain cases be preferred to a representative that does not report on its activities. Managing representatives is crucial for a company.
Customer contact is very important for any company, in order to get feedback on its products, to know about new trends and new customers’ requests, and to know about new products that customers would like to see. Selling through sales representatives cuts the direct link between a company and its customers. A good sales representative must relay customers concerns and requests to the company it represents. Sales representatives must be opened to discussion and must listen to their clients. A good sales representative must also report negative comments from the customers. Any company is interested in constructive
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