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When I Grow Up:
An Analytical Study of the Interpretations of Children on Pop Culture Elements found in Selected TV Commercials “TV takes our children across the globe before parents give them permission to cross the streets.”
- Joshua Meyrowitz

BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Advertising is a form of mass communication strategy created to promote the purchase of a certain product, message, or service in the market. It carries the messages that come to you from the people who pay for the media (Biagi, 2001, p. 227). It is also an act of popularizing something through mass media to attract the attention of the consumers, audiences, or mainly the public for higher sales and marketability. Tracing through the history, evidences of advertising is
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The first television advertising contract in the country was signed for Tawag ng Tanghalan, handled by J. Walter Thompson for Procter and Gamble. As the television industry matured, lines were more firmly drawn between advertisers and network owners. Programmers now had to prove to advertisers that the station-produced programs were being watched (, accessed Jan. 12, 2009).
Until the age of the Karen Po Mc Donald’s commercial during the 90’s and the “Beautiful” statement of Marian Rivera for Nesvita, advertising in the country has surely become an avenue for product or service popularization.

A “new” culture The mass media has polarized the literature of the people from “high culture” and “low culture”. Campbell (2002) said that the ones who are labeled to be included in the “high culture” are the art of ballet the symphony, art museums, classical literature and the like. Meanwhile, “low cuture”, refers to soap opera, rock music, comic books, and the like. Low and “popular” culture has become has aligned to the taste and flavor of the “masses” who enjoy the commercials of this types by the mass media (p. 17). Meaning to say, what is popular or “pop” or popular are often liked by majority of the masses. And in the game of television, to be liked by the majority of the people makes you remain in the business. Popular culture has influenced the people from different age brackets - from fashion to music, from lifestyle to
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