School And Business Policies And Procedures

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Every school and business must have policies and procedures in place. A school 's policies and... procedures are adopted from laws passed by the Government. These are in place to ensure the school is run correctly, and that staff, pupils, and any other individuals involved with the school are protected and meeting expectations and guidelines. Schools need to keep their policies and procedures in line with government legislation, so senior staff members have their meetings to discuss keeping up to date policies and procedures. A draft will have been written up, and tehn passed onto the governors to agree and to be finalised. If any changes to current procedures change, then the Head Teachers will inform their staff at the next staff …show more content…

There is one area of government known as †̃The Department of Education.â€TM They work with pupils up until the age of 18/19 with any issue the pupil has, including child protection and their learning in schools.
The also aim to make sure every child has the same education regardless of their individual backgrounds. There are provisions in place to assist the pupils who are the most vulnerable.
The second department from the national government is known as the †̃Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). They are responsible for the higher education of the country
(Universities) and further education, and they aim to have a world class education system in place to assist with the countries higher skill levels of its people. The central government also holds meetings to discuss and plan the budgets for individual local councils for education purposes.
Their responsibilities also include the support of the professionals who work with children and young people, helping the disadvantaged children achieve more, and to make sure that the local services protect and support itâ€TMs children to the fullest.
They also have specific priorities that they like to stick to. If they donâ€TMt have priorities, then the local governments will not have a plan for their schools and pupils, which schools need to have a direction of what they are doing, and where they are

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