School Based Management: An Implemented Educational Management Theory

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1. Title: School Based Management – An Implemented Educational Management Theory 2. Introduction
This paper presents how school-based management (SBM) as a means to restructure and improve education through self-governance within the school. It accounts various SBM development initiatives over years highlighting the system’s ideal practices, driving and restraining variables that surround the delivery of quality education through management efforts based on sound educational management theories. Quality education is not only about physical inputs, such as classrooms, teachers, and textbooks, but also about incentives that lead to better instruction and learning. Education systems are extremely demanding of the managerial, technical, and
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This system is rooted in the following principles of shared governance (Republic Act 9155): a. Shared governance is a principle which recognizes that every unit in the education bureaucracy has a particular role, task, and responsibility inherent in the office and for which it is principally accountable for outcomes; b. The process of democratic consultation shall be observed in the decision making process at appropriate levels. Feedback mechanisms are established to ensure coordination and open communication of the central office with regional, division and school levels; c. The principles of accountability and transparency are operationalized in the performance of functions and responsibilities at all levels; and d. The communication channels of field officers are strengthened to facilitate flow of information and expand linkages with other government units and non-governmental organizations for effective governance. In the Department of Education, the system consists of the promotion of school based management, the transfer of authority ad decision making from the central and regional offices to the school divisions in the provinces and cities, sharing education responsibilities with other stakeholders such as the local
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