Shared Practices Of Graphic Design

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A Different perspective through an athlete’s eyes.
Graphic design is the method of visual message, and problem solving through the spot-on or ideal use of space, design, image and color.
The area is considered a subset of graphic communication and meaningful design, but often graphic design is used interact with overlying skills involved. Graphic designers use countless different methods to produce and combine words with symbols, and images to create a graphic illustration of ideas or messages that one visualize in their imagination. A designer may combine typography with visual arts, and mental map with techniques to produce a ending result. Graphic design frequently talks about both the process by communication is created and the products which are created.
Shared practices of graphic design consist of posters, billboards, …show more content…

The problem with creating my “Cube Art” was that this was one of the first pieces of art that I didn’t without instructions or a sense of direction. With “Cube Art" the whole design process came from within my head. Many people don’t know this “Cube Art” originated as a city that I tried to imitated from a piece of art work that I designed in my younger day. Basic design is that of a kite in a sense you could say. Each edge comes to a point with the center showing the point that you would basically turn to get around the next corner. As I shaped it the city slowly but surely came into play, but instead of putting the details of the building I just basically changed each detail into a colored line. Then the outline I created to so that it would change colors like the northern lights in Sweden. The city was slowly shaped into the piece of art work that it became to be known as “Cube Art”. “talk about your style talk about how you over came the

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