Siemens : Meeting Global And Local Needs Executive Summery

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SIEMENS: Meeting Global & Local Needs Executive Summery In the initial stage of economic development of businesses have fewer competitors and also the small business market, which means less complexity. And then slowly and gradually the size of the company has grown and increased competition and leads to greater complexity. And in recent years due to the large amount of recession companies have faced major problems. And this problem was solved by the implementation of policy and strategy. In such a difficult economic environment Siemens still a success because the performance of Siemens remains stable. And one more reason for the success of Siemens is the strategy that helps to do better in the future. And applying analytical tools such…show more content…
Siemens turnover in the UK is more than £3 billion which is contributing to the total amount of £ 96 million profit to the organisation. the Siemens company has its contribution significantly to the UK 's economy and also provides employablity to the UK environment. main body: first of all we need to know what is environmental analysis, it is the process of scanning the environment ti identify changes or trends that have the potential to generate opportunities and threats to the organisation 's current and future intended strategies. ' 'worthington and britton 2009, p.460 ' ' according to worthington and britton 's definition we understand that Siemens or any other company that want to be successful and run not only in short term but be successful in long term; have to do the environmental analysis. by doing analysis the company can discover thier weakness and their strength also they will find out the best way to operate in the environment. According to CIPD. ' ' there is however, no singal HRM strategy that will deliver success in all situation. organisations need to define a strategy that is unique to their own circumstances in term of context, goals, and the demand of organisational stakeholders. ' ' ' 'Available to members only at CIPD website ' '. why organisations need

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