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Marketing Plan of Sodebo Marketing Plan of Sodebo PastaBox PastaBox Index Table Background of the company 3 National and international marketing strategy (experience) 4 Strategic Marketing Plan 6 Executive Summary 6 Situation Analysis 6 Internal Environment 6 External and Consumer’s Environment 7 Who is doing what? 7 Head of Marketing Strategy 7 Who’s putting it in practice? 7 SWOT Analysis 7 Strengths 7 Weaknesses 8 Opportunities 9 Threats 9 Marketing Goals 9 Marketing Strategy 10 Customers and Target Marketing 10 Market Segmentation 10 Product Strategy 12 Pricing Strategy 13 Distribution and Supply Chain Management 13 Promotion 13 Evaluation and Control 14 Proposals for…show more content…
This box is heated in the microwave and eaten directly. First, we will talk about the current environment, we will take a SWOT, and then we talk about marketing objectives and marketing strategy development. We will finish by discussing the evaluation and control. Situation Analysis Internal Environment Sodebo is a family business, and it is in direct competition with the great names of French and international food industry. Product launched in 2009 on the French territory, it was a real challenge and a risky bet on the future. With recent changes in legislation on VAT in this sector, the decline in restaurant visits, the concept of PastaBox represented an alternative compared to traditional catering. External and Consumer’s Environment In recent years, studies show that the French take less time to eat during their lunch break. To save time, assets eat convenience food, sandwiches or even food on Tupperware at their workplace. Often cheaper, these products are increasingly available, as retailers that sell these products proliferate around us. Who is doing what? Head of Marketing Strategy The Marketing Strategy of the Pasta Box by Sodebo is under the behalf of the marketing head for Pasta box and new markets, her name is Christelle Buetas Mesnil, she’s managing all the marketing strategy for this product, and all the departments of Sodebo linked to that

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