Strength One : A Good Job Of Offering Their Customers Great Value At A Great Price

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Company Strengths

Strength One: Academy has a wonderful work environment, they really care about their employees and the mayral is that everyone treats everyone like family. Working at Academy has a lot of perks, they have multiple onsite cafes, a Starbucks, a gym that only cost $20 a month and multiple free coffee stations around their campus. Walking through the halls, everyone says hello to each other and you can truly see that associates truly like their jobs.

Strength Two: Academy might not be as up to date in the omnichannel as some of their other competitors, but they really try to invest in their employees with various training sessions to help enrich the associates so they are able to help the company exceed to where they need to be. I have been able to attended a few of these training seminars and I think that is is really important to keep your employees up to date with recent trends and technologies.

Strength Three: Academy has done a really good job of offering their customers great value at a great price. Academy does not like to use coupons and always wants to offer the customer the best price regardless if you have a coupon or not.

Strength Four: Academy does a great job bringing in new talent and has a wonderful internship program that offers competitive pay. They not only give you a mentor within your department but also a HR mentor. This is really nice because it gives you someone else you can talk to and get advice from incase there happens to be a…

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