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This is a report of a delivered session in a core subject to a group of mixed ability pupils in the Reception A class. Keep in mind that they are a group of students ranging from the age of 4 to 5 years old, energetic, curious and active learners. I need to consider the ways of how they learn best by carrying out assessments or diagnostic meetings to identify their preferred learning styles, abilities and interests.

Neil Flemming developed the VARK system in 1987 to determine whether a student is a visual, auditory, reading/writing or kinaesthetic learner. From there, students and teachers are able to formulate new strategies based on which category they learn efficiently. Instead of doing the 16-point questionnaire, I
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The title of the story is The Frog and The Princess.
I used different strategies to engage my learners and to keep the lesson interesting such as different voice modulation, body movements and questions from time to time. In an article written by Rhiana Quick, she says that different students respond to stimuli in different ways, so it is vital to be able to identify the types of learners in the classroom and proceed with lesson plans that can cater to different pupils. Also, I have taken into account the Multiple Intelligences developed by Howard Gardner to further tap their strengths to help them learn more effectively.
Students were regularly asked to anticipate the next course of actions of the characters to challenge them in their thinking skills. There are no right or wrong answers during this session because I want to know how creative can they get when exposed to something new. For example, I asked them to imagine themselves being the Princess, would they have kissed the ugly frog on the lips? In Vygotsky’s theory, he promotes learning contexts in which students play an active role in learning rather than having the teacher to ‘transmit’ information to them. Through this, I gain a variety of responses from them, which indicates that they are using their head to think while showing me the story from their perspectives. He further says that the roles of the teacher and students are switched, as a teacher should collaborate with his/her
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