Successful Marketing Launch of a new product

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Successful Marketing Launch of a new product / service

The company Apple is a company renown for its technological designers such as Steve Jobs. Apple is arguably the best company in the world in the aspect of its technological designs. Apple Company produces various products from personal computers such as iMac and the MacBook. It also manufactures well-known gadgets such as the iPod and iPhone. Furthermore, Apple also produces hardware and software products to enhance the experience of their products for their consumers.

Theoretical Review of Marketing

In late 2014 Apple released its new highly anticipated product, which was the iPhone 6. In the build up to the release of the iPhone 6, Apple used various marketing tools to create …show more content…


Furthermore, another technique Apple has used very successfully is the use of Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is mainly used via the Internet. The Internet has become an everyday essential to the human, and thus the reason for why big name companies like Apple have started to utilise this as a tool of marketing. Apple has used the Internet in various ways in order for their iPhone 6 to sell, for example search engines. Search engines are key for Apple, because when someone types a keyword, their product will appear in their search, increasing the likeliness of that consumer to view and purchase that product. 4

Lastly, in the Academic Journal Benchmarking: An International Journal, it states that price reflects a companies positioning and for consumers it may be a measure of the products quality. If this is the case then this shows that Apple’s pricing scheme shows the quality of level that their product the iPhone 6 is at. The iPhone 6 starting price is £539, which is a heavy price tag, but the matter of the fact is, the iPhone still outsells any phone currently in the market, whether its an HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S5. This shows any competitor that the iPhone is of a very high quality if customers are still buying the device at such a steep price. 5

Marketing Application by the Company

Apple has a lot of various products and every one of those products has its own target market. The iPhone focuses on selling in the mobile market

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