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SWOT Analysis:

A SWOT analysis (SWOT matrix) first used by Stanford Research Institute during 1960-1970 and it was presented by Mr. Albert S. Humphrey a American business and management consultant by using data from fortune 500 companies.

We can succeed in our life if we use our talents to our full extent. Similarly, we‘ll have some problems if we know our weakness are, and if we manage these weaknesses so that we don’t matter in the work we do. To understand more about our self and our external environment which are impacting our personal growth. We need to analysis our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Process of analyzing this factor is called SWOT analysis.

I am sharing my personal SWOT analysis. Below are my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

 Strengths
• Honesty
• Self-Confidence
• Self-discipline
• Problem solving
• Initiative

 Weaknesses
• Impatience
• Being too sensitive
• Being a debater

 Opportunities
• Growing financial Market
• Go to night school and finish my master’s degree

 Threats
• Other candidates have college degrees
• Demographic changes.


I am an honest person. I always try to speak truth. I remembered my first job in retail bank for sales. During Interview, interviewer asked me two major question because of that he selected me. Those were I worked with bank previously and why should he hire me. I replied both questions with honesty and confidence and my answers were I didn’t have banking
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