Swot Analysis : Swot And Swot

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SWOT Analysis:

A SWOT analysis (SWOT matrix) first used by Stanford Research Institute during 1960-1970 and it was presented by Mr. Albert S. Humphrey a American business and management consultant by using data from fortune 500 companies.

We can succeed in our life if we use our talents to our full extent. Similarly, we‘ll have some problems if we know our weakness are, and if we manage these weaknesses so that we don’t matter in the work we do. To understand more about our self and our external environment which are impacting our personal growth. We need to analysis our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Process of analyzing this factor is called SWOT analysis.

I am sharing my personal SWOT analysis. Below are my
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I always remember my boss first word said to me “if you want to survive in service industries remember customers are you assets and give them top priorities and be 100% transparent with them”. I always follow that path and because of that behavior I was able to retain my all old clients base and achieved my sales targets. I got my grade promotion in first six month of joining and I was the first who got the team to lead in our department. I always took the initiative for new target and challenge for my team and achieved it.


I always have urged to complete given task as soon as possible and I never want to go home without completing task. I have tendency to remove all task from my “to do” list as soon possible. Because of this nature my subordinates said me ‘were we resigning tomorrow” why I always push us to complete task immediately even due date far way. I never liked reminder from anyone for my work. Because of this Impetuousness sometimes conflict raised between me and my team. Sometimes quality of work also compromised because I did not gave sufficient time to review it. I am very sentimental person. I generally make decision from heart not from mind because of that sometimes I made wrong decision. I have identified my weakness is that I am Being a debater. I always tried to take decision for my subordinate like his target, his achievement, and his rewards. Because of this sometimes I had long debated with my

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