Taguchi's Design Of Experiments Analysis

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In the present study two types of methodologies have been effectively utilized to conduct the experiments in a scientific manner, one is Taguchi’s Design of Experiments (DOE) and other method of design of experiments were based on randomly selected combination of cutting process parameters is shown below figure. Previous literature a chapter has involved that Azmi and Lin et al. investigated the machinability of uni-directional glass fiber reinforced (GFRP) composites [42, 60]. Recently, some of investigators have stated experimental results based on parametric studies to evaluate the surface quality characteristics such as machining force, surface roughness and delamination damage [31,34,38 112,113,114,115,116,117,118,119,120,121, and…show more content…
4.2. Design of Experiments (DOE) Over 60 to 70 % of machined products have been rejected due to lack of attention in machinability evaluation before machining. This may be lead to indirect affect on cost-effective escalation in production industries. Therefore, predicting the outcome by introducing a change of the preconditions and this will be reflected on the results. Taguchi’s DOE would be more effective and acceptable tool for technical investigations. The desirable machinability evaluation thoroughly obtained by statistical design of experiments (DOE). Reliable results also would be obtained by full factorial or partial factorial technique. 4.2.1 Taguchi method Taguchi methods have been widely used in scientific and engineering design. This technique is focusing to formulating the performance characteristics of parametric settings with deviation [127, 128]. In this methodology, the experimental settings (DOE) are arranged systematic as per orthogonal array (OA) that can be reduced wastage of time and minimize the number of experiments [129]. The effect of different factors on the performance characteristics in a given combination runs can be examined by using the orthogonal array (OA). Simultaneously OA experimental design will also provides a number of input factors to permit the study of their effects and interconnections with the experimental output. Taguchi optimization technique involves to
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