Task Descriptions as Functional Requirements Essay

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Title -: Task Descriptions as Functional Requirements

Article summary
A software system is built based on the requirements. Therefore requirement elicitation is an important aspect. Functional requirements outline what the system do in order to achieve its goal. A functional requirement is an action which is performed by user / system to achieve a specific goal. The authors Marianne Mathiassen and had developed the Tasks & Support method, which uses annotated task descriptions. As per authors using this process computer and user shall accomplish together without indicating which actor performs. which parts of the tasks. The author claims that with this approach higher-quality requirements are produced and are faster to produce …show more content…

At delivery time, users will verify the requirements by performing the tasks and variants.

Article Analysis

In this article the author looks at the requirement analysis process by the task. There are similarities in this model and the use case model. However in the use case model there is always a actor and one or many use cases the actor will perform to achieve the goal.
In the task base model the task is independent of the actor. Output will be the results of the tasks after executing. Further in this model task can be broken into sub tasks and sub tasks can be executed non sequentially. In use case model the steps have to be executed sequentially. Further as the use case model the pre conditions which would trigger the task to start must be captured . Moreover the business rules and all the different variants / conditions of this tasks can be included.

Further using the task base model , all the variants associated when performing this task can be identified . Moreover new variants can be introduced and implemented easily. Further it is very good model of capturing the system requirements as the model provides the provision to include quantifiable requirements. Moreover with it is nature of being close to the user’s / stake holder’s day to day operations , is to identify gaps and include any missing , inaccurate requirements.

Talk with the individuals or teams that perform selected tasks to identify both

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