Taste Executive Summary

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As aforementioned, Taste Holdings Limited is a South African-based management group that owns and licenses a portfolio of diversified subsidiaries. Taste Holdings was established in 1996 with its founding entity Scooters Pizza opening its doors for the first time in South Africa in 2000. It was also in this year, March, the current Chief Executive Officer, Carlo Ferdinando Gonzaga was appointed.
The focus of this enterprise, which strategically directs all other areas of operation, is on becoming the preferred vertically integrated quick service restaurant and Retail franchisee and licensee in South Africa. (Taste Holdings Limited, 2017).Furthermore, other strategic statements of Taste Holdings include ensuring and giving superior returns to both franchisees and shareholders, displaying social citizenship that leads in the industry, as well as making a positive impact in the communities in which they trade. (Taste Holdings Limited, 2017). As aforementioned, under the umbrella of Taste Holdings, there are two major subdivisions, namely the food and luxury goods division. The subsidiaries of Taste Limited under the food division include: Zebro’s Chicken, The Fish & Chip Co, Maxi’s, Starbucks as well …show more content…

Nevertheless, Taste maintains a positive relationship with clients through the undertaking of customer service surveys, the employment of representatives to ensure that dissatisfaction can be dealt with and lastly performing extensive market research to maintain their competitive advantage. Such an advantage can only be experienced through positive relations with suppliers, relations that are forged through the recognition of the interdependence of businesses and a transparent approach to doing business. Taste Holdings recognizes what they call the fourth estate, the media, which plays a role in providing a balanced view of the enterprise to

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