Team Performance And Development Of Team Members

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It is undeniable that there are many challenged factors in today’s business world. One of the most important is leadership skill. Macmillan online dictionary (2015) defined leadership as “the position of being the leader or being in charge of an organization”. Leader is a person who leads the team to achieve the goal. There are several roles of leader such as problem solving, improving team performance, motivating, planning and organizing etc. According to Adairs Action-Centred Leadership Model (1973), the model consists of three main elements, which are co-ordinating teamwork, accomplishment the task and supporting individual. A person cannot perfectly reach a goal with one or two focusing factors. Effective Leader or manager has to…show more content…
They lost three people while they were completing the task. This meant that at the end there were only two members left with four bricks so it was easy to cross the patch. The positive thing is they had planned before start the task by using papers instead of the bricks and try to allocate each team’s member on the papers. On the other hand, there were the negative things. Despite they found that four bricks are not enough for five people to carry out the goal, they decided to do without the back up plan. Moreover, the reason why the group lost three members was because they did not concern about physical body of each individual. The members try to set down the bricks as far as possible in order to cross the patch faster. Nevertheless, the majority of team members have small legs, which they could not make a big step between each bricks. This makes the members slip down to the ground and had to leave the task. The group focused on achieving the goal rather than their team and members. Lastly, the team missed information and critical thinking. The team did not analyse mission and recognise about more materials on the other side of the patch. If the team spend more time to find the information and asked understanding from the members. They may know what they are going to do and may have more opportunity to achieve the task more effectively. As a result of this event, it shows that the
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