Teamwork In Healthcare

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It takes a strong interdisciplinary team to deliver effective healthcare. The healthcare system is comprised of trained individuals that hail from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, specialties, and experiences, all working with a common purpose - the patient. For this reason, among many others, teamwork in healthcare is incredibly invaluable, especially because multiple care providers interact interdependently. Incorporating the multiple perspectives and strengths can offer the benefit of diverse knowledge which can then promote positive patient outcomes and satisfaction. Effective healthcare is not solely lead by one care provider. The efforts and actions of nurses, midlevel practitioners such as physician assistants, social workers, and…show more content…
Continuing to develop and master these skills will show that I am trustworthy, reliable, skilled, and able to successfully contribute. Accountability is another a pillar of effective teamwork that can always be improved. As a physician, I will be held accountable for my actions which will influence each patient's experience, improvement, and outcome. I will also be accountable for my designated responsibilities within the care team as we strive to achieve our shared goals. Since interdisciplinary team members have different roles and purposes, it is imperative that a mutual respect and trust is also established. Trust establishes solidarity and reliability that allows providers to perform and execute well, while respecting the roles and responsibilities of others helps the opportunity to achieve shared goals. Lastly, although I communicate well, I feel that improving effective communication skills enhances efficiency. In healthcare, breakdowns in communication can occur anywhere in the delivery of care. Therefore, it’s important that care providers continuously improve their communication with patients, additional care providers, and others. Teamwork is the integral piece of health and medicine. It is important that I, as well as other care providers, continuously master these skills to ensure patient safety and provide effective care. It is my goal to help improve patient care, safety, treatments, and outcomes as an effective member of a highly functioning care team. By continuing to master the pivotal skills of teamwork, we can achieve our shared goals as a
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