Technology And Technology Essay

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Compared to the technology of our parent's or grandparent’s generations, the advances we have had in technology make us expect everything to go according to plan. Today’s society is a here and now society. We expect to have everything at the tip of our fingers, whenever we want it. We expect our Amazon package to be here in two days, and if it isn’t sitting on our porch we get our typing fingers ready to send a strong email to the seller. This mentality is challenging for both leaders and followers because it has created a society that does not value the time it takes to accomplish a goal. Even when that goal is accomplished, we hold ourselves and our equipment to a new standard. Those successes motivate us to improve our equipment so that we can improve ourselves, as opposed to focusing inward and bettering ourselves.
Leaders often face problems of Their followers saying that for some reason their technology won't work. it could be to turn in a paper or to fill out a document but for some reason the technology is always at blame, when most of the time it's just an excuse. this is not a new problem, teachers have experienced this for years in terms of “my dog ate my homework” or “I lost my paper, but I did it I promise”. technology does not only impact the leaders in terms of the subordinates, their social media presence can also create a Major Impact on their lives. a recent example of this occurred September 12th, when a staff member of Senator Ted Cruz’s, “liked” a
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