The Cold Of Cold Calling

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Cold calling is a bit of a dirty word in the sales world. Most individuals you interview hate receiving cold calls, whilst even the sales representatives have a dislike for the practice. Yet, it remains an important strategy for many companies and it has the potential to provide plenty of benefits to a business – if only conducted properly.

This guide will look at what cold calling is all about, the reason it has a bad name and the advantages it has for businesses. You’ll learn about the core buildings blocks of a cold calling strategy and the keys to a good call.

What is cold calling all about?

The practice of cold calling refers to a situation where a business contacts potential customers without their anticipation of such an interaction. It is essentially a technique where the business approaches individuals without knowledge that they are interested.

You shouldn’t confuse it with the opposite practice of warm calling, where the business has prior knowledge to suggest to person contacted is interested in the product. Cold calling can sometimes also be mistakenly identified as telemarketing. Whilst cold calling is a form of telemarketing, telemarketing is not limited to using cold calling as a strategy. In telemarketing, there is often prior research involved and it often includes further call-ups with the individual or business.

Cold calling strategies typically refer to phone calls, but cold calling can also entail different methods. For example, drop-in visits can

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