The Content Management System ( Cms ) Usage

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The author of the above mentioned article is Ruth Sara Connell, an Associate Professor of Library Services and Electronic Librarian at Christopher Center Library Services of Valparaiso University, Indiana, USA. Up to date, she has published 11 journal articles and one printed book (Valparaiso University, 2015).

This article is taken from the journal titled Information Technology and Libraries (ITAL). ITAL is the official scholarly peer reviewed journal of the Library and Information Technology Association (LITA), a division of the American Library Association (ALA). This journal reviews and publishes articles in the following areas related to library automation, the Internet and other aspects of information technology (American Library Association, 2015).

The purpose of this study was to “examine Content Management System (CMS) usage within the academic library market and to provide librarians quantitative and qualitative knowledge to help make decisions when considering switching to, or between, CMSs.” (Connell, 2013) The author’s purpose was concisely and clearly stated and was in agreement with the title of the article.
The objectives of this study were four folds, namely “to determine (1) the level of saturation of CMSs in the academic library community; (2) the most popular CMSs within academic libraries, the reasons for the selection of those systems, and satisfaction with those CMSs; (3) if there is a relationship between libraries with their own dedicated
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