The Cruise Industry

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3- Opportunities
• The cruise industry in itself offers many opportunities
As seen previously, the cruise industry is a rapidly growing industry and favorable demographics should drive demand in the future. Moreover, it is still an underpenetrated industry. According to industry statistics in 2014, only 3.4% of the population in North America has ever taken a cruise and this percentage equals 1.3% for Continental Europe.

• There is a clear opportunity for Carnival to increase efficiencies and cross-selling among brands
Carnival could make significant cost savings by better integrating operations across all of its brands and foster the sharing of ideas among the portfolio companies. Moreover, CCL currently has three reservation systems and seven yield management systems. To increase efficiencies and better share information across brands, Carnival could use fewer systems. Another opportunity for the group would be to unite the headquarters. Carnival claims that having a different headquarter for each brand is a way of maintaining the “uniqueness” of the brands. However, combining them would allow Carnival to significantly decrease overhead costs and improve the bottom line. The company announced in 2011 that it intended to combine the headquarters of Seabourn and Holland America Line but since then, it did not announced any other corporate restructuring.

• Cuba represents a significant opportunity for Carnival
CCL Fathom brand, a brand launched in June 2015 that organizes

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