The Current State Consists Of Fragmented Processes

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The current state consists of fragmented processes, which is the source of all productivity issues and inefficiency in the construction industry. The future state should be “project focused” rather than “process focused”. To achieve this desired future state it is essential that these processes are transformed to a more integrated approach. There should be better collaboration between the different stakeholders in the industry such as architects, builders, owners and regulatory agencies that issues permits. In the current, traditional system of project delivery, the relationship between these involved parties are adversarial. This can lead to the project being marred with schedule delays, budget overruns, poor quality, and disputes and litigations between the parties involved, as they play the “blame game” refusing to take liability or responsibility for the different processes. The desired future state can be reached through incorporating the more collaborative delivery methods that are gaining popularity, like Design Build and Integrated Project Delivery. These systems are based on information and risk sharing. IPD especially has a potential to incorporate Lean Construction practices and Target Value Design in the process. The alliance of the owner, builder, design professional and other specialty consultants for the project, can communicate effectively with each other on a common platform of knowledge sharing. Problems that may arise during construction or design
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