The Darker Side of Diabetes

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Diabetes is a leading concern for today’s population. A disease caused my many factors; is a growing concern for people around the world. Anyone, who faces this evil or is in danger of facing it, due to a family history of this disease, or due to improper living habits, should take both care and precaution to tackle the complications of diabetes. The targeted population, if, bring change in their lifestyle can control both type 1 diabetes and prevent development of type 2 diabetes. Changes such as building healthy eating habits, losing excess weight and increasing the physical workout can bring about positive result in managing or preventing diabetes. In some cases, switching to a healthier lifestyle is not enough. A number of medications also become necessary for patients to avert stroke and heart attack which take lives of many diabetes patients. Darker side of diabetes: A rather negative side of being diabetic is that, this disease generally triggers cardiovascular diseases. Heart failure, stroke or coronary artery diseases are usually the outcomes of diabetes. Patients often lose their life to such conditions than any other. Cardiovascular diseases are bound to happen to a diabetic patient, hence it is recommended to control the risk factors leading to them. Preventing and controlling the demon inside: A huge care in terms of medication and personal care is required to tame the beast inside. Changing the habits from the very beginning is necessary. Just imagine yourself

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