The Effect Of Nanoparticles On Lung Cancer

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The Effect of Nanoparticles on Lung Cancer
As time has gone on, the search to find a cure to lung cancer continues to this day. Researchers and scientists have spent years constructing numerous labs and tests trying to find an answer to the age old disease that has taken the lives of thousands. Lung cancer involves the rapid growth of unknown cells in the lung region. Unfortunately, similar to many other forms of cancer, it is difficult to detect symptoms at an early stage. In most cases, patients are diagnosed during the point where the cancer has spread too far out into the body to be cured. Although one may take the chance and go through various types of therapy to help reduce the size of the cancer, in many cases, the ultimate ending has not been a positive one. Fortunately the past few years of nanotechnology based research have proven to be of use to lung cancer related treatment methods.

Nanotechnology involves the handling of functional systems at a very small scale (Bamrungsap, Zhao, Chen, Wang, Fu, Tan & Li, 2012). When talking about nanotechnology in relation to health, it can commonly be referred to as nanomedicine. Nanotechnology, specifically nanoparticles, have had a recent uprising in research studies. Fortunately new studies are proving to show how nanoparticles can aid in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. The correlation between both lung cancer and nanotechnology in modern day medicine, is believed to be very beneficial to patients and doctors

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