The Effects Of Video Marketing And Social Media On The Ski Industry

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The effect of Video Marketing and Social Media on the Ski Industry The ski industry has historically been creative in its marketing ventures, which include glossy, full-page magazine ads and full length films that are released at the beginning of each season. The films and ads display the best pro skiers in the best new gear, and serve as effective marketing tools. In recent years, a new form of advertising has helped the industry reach a large demographic almost instantly; social media. The ability to use social media allows companies to share their online advertising content with everyone who is on that social media network, allowing access to millions of people with just a few clicks. As a result, video marketing is becoming an increasingly popular method of advertising for everyone in the ski industry, from small start-up companies to the worlds largest and most popular ski resorts. Also, the invention of the GoPro, the most popular and advanced handheld camera out, has enhanced the online marketing aspect of the industry. This camera is waterproof and impact proof, can fit in the palm of hand and can be mounted or fixed to almost anything. Stemming from technological advancements in the film industry, and social media, video marketing and its promotions have become a successful asset to the ski industry. The ski industry needs to keep up with the times to stay competitive with its marketing strategies, which now includes delivering high quality online content

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