The Facility 's Capacity And Improve The Quality Of Its Amenities

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Background The gymnasium is located at (Shops 1-4,584 Grimshaw, Street, Bundoora, and VIC 3083) adjacent to and houses a boxing ring, treadmills, punching bags, weights and an assortment of various body building equipment. The gymnasium has 400 members with an average attendance of 200 people per day. Scope of the project The scope of this project is how to increase the facility’s capacity and improve the quality of its amenities. The main aim of this report was to gather views of the users on how to go about accommodating the growing number of people requiring fitness services and for appraisal on a planned face-lift of the facility. The target is to raise capacity to comfortably accommodate 400 members per day without crowding and better…show more content…
This analysis was performed for the development project of this nature since will assess the existing demand and supply for the services offered in the market. Needs Assessment There is never enough money to do everything, thus a needs assessment need be conducted to ensure that the limited resources go to where they’re most needed. It gives the criteria on how best to distribute resources (Aphramor, 2005). The needs assessment was done through survey and questionnaire to users of the facility. The following steps were undertaken to establish a needs assessment plan. Prepare Management Plan The road to any successful project requires proper leadership. The project manager is the in planning and managing a needs assessment. Facility Feasibility Study 6 Form a Needs Assessment Committee Members of the committee comprised of the public relations, customer care and maintenance departments, trainers and individuals crucial to ensuring commitment and follow-up. Weekly reports to top management and other important stakeholders, with opportunities for interaction on major issues were to be availed for discussion (Bordo, 2003). Identification of areas major concerns The committee decided to carry out a survey using questionnaires and short interviews to identify issues of major concern to the target group and a list was created. Namely;  Inadequate training space 
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