The Fashion Of Fashion Blogs

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(Introduction) This essay will argue that fashion blogger became one of the Fashion icons in this generation. At the beginning of the essay, I will explain the purpose of use fashion blogger as the topic; introduction of the society environment will be given as a support to identify the influence of fashion bloggers. After that fashion blogger’s historical and background will use SWOT analysis to conclude the environment of blogger, then I will discuss how blogger relate to fashion marketing with example.

(Purpose) The purpose of this topic is to find out how the fashion bloggers develop themselves through the social media in recent years and how would they relate themselves to the fashion marketing. More over, when they received a large amount of followers and those brands come to them, how would they balance the brand promotion and their personal identity?

(Historical) Fashion blogger has been rapidly changing over the past couple years, its prototype found in 1978 the photographer call Bill Cunningham published his impromptu photo into the New York Times, soon after it became a series of his personal fashion style column. The real sense of blogger found in late 1990s in US, the term is the contraction of “web log”, log meaning “diary”, Hugh Hewit (2013) maintain that blog is an online site with time-dated postings, maintained by one or more posters, that features links and commentary. Fashion blog is like a online platform for people to share there experience of latest
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