The Four Stages Of The Four Theories Of Human Development

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There are four major theories of the Human Development. The first one being Psychoanalytic theory. Freud and Erikson, were the ones that helped create it by using two different theories. Freud came up with psychosexual theory which is proposing that sexual desire is driving force behind development. There was total of five stages from infancy, toddlerhood, early childhood, middle childhood and adolescence. With these stages, it calorized them into what they are growing up. Erikson had a total of eight stages that dealt with the mind and behavior aspect. With these eight stages, a developments forms from infancy to all the way to late adulthood. An example would be a girl at age of 8 saw her parents get divorced having that event in her life made her think relationships for wont work like her parents did. The second one is Behaviorism, the three main creators of it was J Watson, I Povlor and B F Skinner. Behaviorism is learning and finding out methods of patterns of how to act or apply to everyday life by learning a behavior or consequence from wrong and right of a behavior. An example would be, A parent and a kid going to a store. The kid is balling out crying screaming not getting a toy or type of food they want. For that to stop you offer them a candy bar before checking out which makes the crying stop. Doing a behavior like this will give outcome no crying gets a kid a candy bar. Later, the bad behavior turns good because the kids are no longer crying due reward at
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