The Importance Of Communication In The Workplace

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In a globalised business environment, communication skills are one of the most important parts at the multicultural business workplace. It is common for an American working in China and a British to administer a group of Italians. According to Ely & Thomas, workplace diversity will improve the organisations’ outcome and produce more creative suggestions (2001, p. 229). By operating in a divers workplace, many international business enterprises consist of different nationalities and speak different languages. Communication is the main features of business organisations also will enhance business performances (Rogerson-Revell, 2007). Therefore, effective communication in the multicultural workplace is very crucial, good communication skills can bring more opportunities for the business and reach the business goals. Seidlhofer claims that business English as a lingua franca is used as the language for those whose mother language is not English to communicate (2005, p.229).
Consequently, international business organisations are using English as a lingua franca and it will be easier for non-native English speakers and native English speakers to understand each other better. Furthermore, Rogerson-Revell points out that a lot of non-native English speakers feel comfortable to use English to communicate (2007). Thus, in the international business organisation colleagues can use English as common language to communicate, attend meeting and discuss in some small groups.

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