The Importance Of Employee Uniforms

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Introduction Have you ever wondered why companies make their employees wear a specific uniform or wear a specific style of pant and shirt? Well, there are many reasons why; one, the company may use their uniform as part of their organization’s colors. This allows the employee to feel they are part of the organization and it allows the consumer to identify a company purely from the colors on a uniform. Just within the past year, a sitcom television show called Superstore. Those who watch this sitcom, quickly realizes how those who wrote the scripts and chose the actors’ clothing did so to poke fun directly towards Wal-Mart. Additionally, a person’s physical appearance, such as piercings, tattoos, and hair styles are all ways others associate them as a good or bad person, and clothing is no exception. Whether it is in a business setting, a restaurant, or even a doctor’s office, a person’s perception towards another is determined by initial contact. Despite a single office or profession; employers need to consider a dress code to ensure the safety of all employees. Moreover, some employees do not direct a dress code as a way to save operational costs, while some provide the employees with a shirt and the employee must wear a specific type and color of pant. Sure, the dress code for employees can be unattractive, however, the employer is not paying the person to look good or seek a partner. Employers need to explain the reason the companies’ uniforms are designed and
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