The Management Team Of Chattanooga And Its Leadership

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Case Study: Chattanooga
Teamwork is very critical and influential in determining the achievement of objectives in many organizations. Therefore, the notion and technicality of teamwork is given more emphasis in the process of management. Instead of relying on the old models and frameworks of management, the contemporary model of management focuses more on proper leadership and effective teamwork model. Managers and other strategic executives are required to focus on the idea of teamwork at their respective management levels. Indeed, the concept of teamwork is practically indispensable in the management process. The case of Chattanooga exemplifies a failed teamwork where the executives constantly questions the trustworthy and competence of one another. This paper will delve in the analysis of the failures of Chattanooga and its leadership.
Dysfunctional team
The management team of Chattanooga presents itself as a dysfunctional team. The team can be said to be dysfunctional because it failed to have trust required for effective teamwork. All the management members of Chattanooga Ice Cream failed to admit their own shortcomings and mistakes. In fact, they kept on blaming one another instead of accepting the faults that were inherent in the departments they led. It then follows that the team members had no trust in one another, which has an effect on team efficiency and effectiveness. As it is presented in the case study, Stay and shop, which was the company’s

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