The New Company Green Way 2 Go

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The new company Green Way 2 Go, which I am employed with wants to hire a new secretary for our Human Resources department that specializes in distributing and manufacturing of agricultural products. Our company’s headquarters is based in Atlanta, Georgia which is located in the South Atlantic Census Division (United States Census Bureau, 2013). The location was chosen based on strategic formation for the company because agriculture is the oldest and largest industry in the entire state (Georgia Farm Bureau, 2014). The company is not only limited to manufacturing products like fertilizers and other products needed for agricultural purposes, the company also offers other technical assistance by providing farmers with other resources as needed, such as extension officers. As the Human Resource Director at this newly founded company, I will select and recruit personnel from several occupations to include; engineers, sales and marketing professionals, accountants, agricultural scientist, field technician and others that I might see as a perfect fit for our mission here. First order of business is to hire a secretary for the HR department in ensuring that the company has the capability in order to hire competent individuals for other positions within the company.
Aside from determining the minimum qualifications required of the applicants, it will also be necessary for the company to develop an attractive benefit and compensation package along with the desired position.

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