The Positive Impact Of School Uniforms On Students

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Madison Gibson
Mrs. Hutfilz
Honors 9th Grade Literature and Composition
27 January 2017
The Positive Impact of School Uniforms on Students
Do clothes make us who we are? Fashion brands do not shape who we are. Just because someone does not wear designer jeans, does not mean they are poor or ugly or not good enough. What if everyone dressed the same and did not have to worry about how they look or what it says about them? School uniforms are the answer. School uniforms encourage academic success, prevent bullying, and increase safety in schools, making them a positive impact on students. Uniforms encourage academic success through increasing focus and promoting spirit, causing attendance to increase and grades to also improve. “With no …show more content…

Uniforms are actually cheaper than trying to stay in fashion (Jones 5). Buying a pair of one hundred dollar jeans is much less expensive than buying a whole school uniform for a similar price. Bullying can not only cause mental or physical harm to victims, but harm the bully’s future. “Teens…who bully are more likely to engage in other antisocial [or] delinquent behavior (e.g., vandalism…and drug use) into adulthood” (Gluck 10). Bullying can affect the victim’s future as well. “In 12 out of 15 school shooting cases in the 1990s, the shooters had a history of being bullied” (Effects of Bullying 4). If bullying over clothes seizes, many other problems will lessen, so uniforms will keep this form of bullying away. Uniforms in school will increase safety because it decreases school shootings and violence. As stated before, bullying can cause shooting which makes school more dangerous. Clothes in general can cause shootings. In Baltimore, a shooting at a public school took place in 1986 over a ninety-five-dollar pair of sunglasses, resulting in a wounded student (Background of the Issue 7). Uniforms would keep such an issue at bay. Violence will decrease too with uniforms. Schools in Long Beach, California with uniforms saw in kindergarten through eighth grade that assaults reduced 85%, weapon offenses dropped 83%, and vandalism decreased 50% (Giuliani 4). These statistics prove that uniforms can have

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