The Revolution Of Apple Inc.

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Revolution of Apple Inc Introduction and Background Apple is a well-known firm and has revolutionized the way in which the internet technologies are being used. Apple is an organization that operates in the technology industry, which brings about a need to invest huge amounts of capital in research and development. Apple Inc is an organization that has successfully created a brand that is well focused on innovation and providing maximum value to consumers. All of this is possible only by creating effective levels of strategy in the organization. Apple is an organization that has been formed to bring out revolutionary products which are based on high end technologies and advanced features. This makes it essential that they focus on forming a product line and pricing strategy that can help them reap the investments that they invest in research and development. Revolutionary products and innovation have helped it grow as a brand that has created an effective niche for itself. Premium pricing and focus on ensuring well aligned research that is cost effective is extremely important for the firm. It is extremely essential that Apple does take advantage of the different competitive advantages that it has based on patenting its innovations. All of these elements do help form a strong level of organization and management in Apple Inc (Hamel, 2007). Leadership is another important element that has helped Apple grow in leaps and bounds. It has helped the

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