The Three Types Of Diabetes

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First thing we need to do is understand Diabetes, what it is and what the differences between the three types are, to better understand how diet is used as a disease control mechanism for each.
Most people, those that aren’t on diets where they are counting carbohydrates or calories or other specific nutrients for other health reasons, are thinking of what it is that they are putting into their body, but there are some diseases that people contract throughout their life time that change that. Diabetes is one of those diseases. Diabetes is a disease that is controlled through the use of various medications, exercise and most importantly diet. There are a few different reasons for this, but first there are several different important things
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The second type of diabetes is that of non-insulin dependent diabetes, or type two; type two is a disease that has a strong genetic component, but comes into play mostly when a middle to upper aged individual, that is over weight, and their body is unable to keep up with the demands of their body, they can’t meet the insulin demands that their body has; this type of diabetes is treated first and for most with diet and exercise, before a medicine regime becomes a regular part of treatment. The third and final type of diabetes is gestational diabetes, it is a type of diabetes that arises when a woman is pregnant and in the majority of cases resolves itself with the delivery of the baby, though in come cases is can turn into either type one or type two diabetes, but when considered gestation diabetes the treatment of choice is diet and exercise, like in type two…show more content…
Diets are the first course of treatment, because they do and will set up what kind of treatments are needed later on and how much or even how effective using medications are as a second course of treatment. Diet in diabetics, is the best way to control things, because the less carbohydrates that are in a diabetics body, the less work that they have to do, the less medications they have to take and the less complications that they will suffer later on down the road, from having to take medications long term to treat a
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